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About Us

About Our Company

Automotive Fleet Services LLC was founded in June of 2018 by brothers and co-founders Brad and Wes Turner. We specialize in on-site installation of mobile electronics and accessories for customers of all sizes, big and small. With over 30 years combined of installation and logistics background, we are able to provide our customers with a high level experience and top-notch installation services of all industry related products. We provide our clients with specialized services that have been fine tuned to facilitate the use of their new technology and we bridge the gap between the manufacturers and end users.

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At Automotive Fleet Services, honesty is crucial to our company mission. We act with integrity and stand by our word. With these values and detailed training, we are able to achieve the professionalism and knowledge of our employees. Automotive Fleet Services looks to succeed in becoming the national leader in automotive electronics and fleet management installation services.

Automotive Fleet Services caters to the diverse product installation needs of Retail, Commercial, Education, Government industries. We provide project management services from beginning to end of a project, full installation services during the deployment phase of a project, and technical support and resources after the completion of a project.


At Automotive Fleet Services, we demonstrate our understanding of the automotive industry and installation services by going above and beyond to meet the clients needs. We strive daily to be the go to installation company recognized nationwide within the automotive electronics industry. Then, we expect our end product and performance to be consistent with our promise to our client, and our promise to our client to be consistent with our clients vision.


Automotive Fleet Services offers installation services of products ranging from fleet management telematics and GPS, collision avoidance systems including a full array of camera products, evidence capture camera systems for first responders, in-car internet products, and in vehicle computer and laptop docks.

Our Mission

Our mission at Automotive Fleet Services is to be the white glove installation partner of choice for customers. Therefore, by working together to streamline all installation needs. Not only to aid the global community today but also to prepare its citizens for the changing future. We strive to achieve this vision by providing the newest technical innovations & services. And, eventually doing so in accordance with our core values of honesty and professionalism. While working closely with  manufacturers and clients, Automotive Fleet Services is responsible for strategy, planning, and turn key installation solutions for all client types.

-Brad Turner (CEO & Co-founder)

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