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Project Management / Logistics

Automotive Fleet Services offers a full start-to-finish project management solution. With over 30 years of combined experience, we understand every moving part of a deployment from beginning concept to final delivery. We custom tailor every deployment plan to meet the clients needs and request while creating a plan that highlights efficiencies in operations.

On the average project we begin by collecting valuable data from our clients in regards to their company/agency operations.

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We collect data such as the amount of assets, amount of locations, number of assets at each location, addresses at each location if the client has multiple, and how many assets they can provide in a given window. From there we put this data in our state of the art mapping software and begin project development.

Once we have the deployment plan completed, we work with the client to facilitate on-site installations and de-installation of existing equipment if necessary. During the installation/de-installation process, we collect all sensitive data for the client including vehicle name, vehicle identification number, serial numbers of any devices installed or removed, and any issues that we may find with the vehicles. This data is shared with the client in a live format and then sent to them in spreadsheet form on completion. This provides the client with a full record of all work performed by our technicians.


Upon completion of on-site installation services, we provide all data to the client and set them up with the information that they need for post-deployment support. Whether it be installation support from Automotive Fleet Services or technical support from the product manufacturer that they had installed, we continue to support the client well after the project has completed.

Project Management Process

  • Pre-Deployment Planning

  • On-Site Installations

  • De-Installation of Existing Equipment

  • Data Logging for Client Records

  • Product Configuration

  • Post-Deployment Support

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