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On-Site Commercial Fleet Installations

We specialize in automotive accessories, focused on first responders and government entities.With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the tools and knowledge to make sure that your installation is completed to the highest of standards.


Commercial Trucking

If you bought it, a truck brought it. Commercial trucking/long haul fleets and drivers are essential to the economy and ensuring we all get what we need in our daily lives.


Emergency Services

Automotive Fleet Services LLC offers installation of fleet safety solutions built specifically to help our first responders get to their destination quickly, without incident, and safely.


Mass Transit

Automotive Fleet Services LLC offers a full line of safety solutions specific to these concerns from accident-avoidance systems to a full line of recording and tracking tools to keep passengers safe from harm.


Construction Industry

The construction industry is tasked with building the infrastructure we all utilize in our everyday life. Unfortunately, it also has the highest fatality and injury rating in the nation.


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers keep our communities safe, it is our job to keep them safe.Automotive Fleet Services LLC works hand in hand with the leading manufacturers in the industry.



In the Utility industry, the vehicle is many things: office on wheels and the tool you need to do your job.Automotive Fleet Services LLC provides the tools and installation services necessary to keep your operators and fleet safe.


Delivery Services

Automotive Fleet Services LLC is capable of installing fleet safety and security solutions and modules that help delivery fleets save time, reduce costs, and save lives.


Student Transit

School Buses are tasked with transporting our future generation safely.Automotive Fleet Services LLC is capable of installing a full line of safety solutions specific to student transportation concerns.


Waste & Recycling

Automotive Fleet Services LLC offers an array of fleet safety solutions that are engineered to target the industry’s most common issues: blind spot accidents, incident reporting, mitigation protection, and fleet monitoring/tracking.

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