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In the Utility industry, the vehicle is many things: office on wheels, transportation, and the tool you need to do your job. This multi-tasking machine and the operators that run them are faced with harsh conditions, sharing the road with inattentive pedestrians/drivers, and meeting the tough demands of customers.


Automotive Fleet Services LLC provides the tools and installation services necessary to keep your operators and fleet safe.


  • Reduce accidents with a full line of accident avoidance and awareness vision systems

  • Exonerate vehicle operators with video proof provided by mobile digital video recording (MDVR)

  • Improve routes and reduce fleet costs with installed vehicle tracking solutions.

  • Improve driver behavior with live coaching and video capture of dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking/turning, and more.



  • Over 30% of Utility accidents occur when the vehicle is moving in reverse

  • 60% of accidents involve the larger utility fleet, in part due to their larger blind zones.

  • According to OSHA: 

  • Every 12 minutes, someone dies in a motor vehicle crash

  • Every 10 seconds, an injury occurs

  • Every 5 seconds, a crash occurs

Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 Billion annual in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity.

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Recommended Industry Solutions

  1. Collision Warning System such as blind spot monitoring and backup sensors/alarms.

  2.  Exterior blind spot video such as backup camera and left/right side lane watch cameras.

  3.  MDVR and in vehicle recording with various option in storage size and video retrieval capabilities. The MDVR solutions can be paired with a large variety of exterior and interior cameras to be used for several purposes. Many companies use this ability to provide video to law enforcement and their insurance company in the case of an accident in the attempt to prove fault or no fault by parties involved.

  4.  GPS Fleet tracking and telematics/analytics solutions can provide feedback to fleet managers on how their vehicles are operating. A few features that most GPS solutions have are speed alert, geofencing, OBD diagnostic feedback, driver coaching, and much more.

  5.  Computer and laptop docking solutions such as those made by Havis, Gamber Johnson, and Jotto Desk. 

  6.  Cargo Security/ Transport Cameras that are capable of recording video of the cargo being carried in a trailer, or passengers being transported in buses, trains, taxis, or any other pedestrian transportation purpose.

  7.  Mobile Internet Services provide the needed internet to a vehicle for businesses and first responders to conduct their day-to-day activities with no interruption. These products are offered by manufacturers such as Airgain, Cradlepoint, and Sierra Wireless just to name a few.

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