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Student Transit

School Buses are tasked with transporting our future generation safely. Unlike other fleet operators, school bus operators are also faced with safety concerns including in-cab bullying, safety arm violators that harm our students, and a forward blind spot where the smallest children cannot be easily seen.


Automotive Fleet Services LLC is capable of installing a full line of safety solutions specific to student transportation concerns.


  • Monitor and record stop arm violations with mobile digital video recording (MDVR) and cameras

  • Video Proof: Monitor and record student and driver activity inside the bus to exonerate or improve driver and student behaviors. Includes a manual capture button to flag the driver can push to flag incidents.

  • Prevent accidents with cameras and customized detection zones that give drivers a clear view around the bus as well as an audible alert. 

  • Track busses during their route

  • Monitor, record, and receive notification of speeding, harsh turning, harsh braking, and other dangerous driver activities

  • Ability to track students pickup and drop off with notification capability.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Occupants of school transportation vehicles account for 8% of school-transportation related crashes

  • Non-occupants account for 21% of the fatalities

  • 65% of school transportation related fatalities were students truck by the school bus

Many school districts have begun implementing stop arm, front and side cameras to reduce the most common accidents in this industry.

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Recommended Industry Solutions

  1. 1. Collision Warning System such as blind spot monitoring and backup sensors/alarms.

  2.  Exterior blind spot video such as backup camera and left/right side lane watch cameras.

  3.  MDVR and in vehicle recording with various option in storage size and video retrieval capabilities. The MDVR solutions can be paired with a large variety of exterior and interior cameras to be used for several purposes. Many companies use this ability to provide video to law enforcement and their insurance company in the case of an accident in the attempt to prove fault or no fault by parties involved.

  4.  GPS Fleet tracking and telematics/analytics solutions can provide feedback to fleet managers on how their vehicles are operating. A few features that most GPS solutions have are speed alert, geofencing, OBD diagnostic feedback, driver coaching, and much more.

  5.  Cargo Security/ Transport Cameras that are capable of recording video of the cargo being carried in a trailer, or passengers being transported in buses, trains, taxis, or any other pedestrian transportation purpose.

  6.  Mobile Internet Services provide the needed internet to a vehicle for businesses and first responders to conduct their day-to-day activities with no interruption. These products are offered by manufacturers such as Airgain, Cradlepoint, and Sierra Wireless just to name a few.

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