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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers keep our communities safe, it is our job to keep them safe.


Automotive Fleet Services LLC works hand in hand with the leading manufacturers in the industry. These manufacturers have developed top of the line equipment specializing in evidence capture and personnel accountability. They offer a full line of accident avoidance and in-cab surveillance recording tools that not only help officers prevent accidents, but also provide tools for training and exonerating an officer accused of unprofessional or negligent behavior just to name a few of the features.


  • Video Proof: Monitor and record traffic stops and police/community interaction with mobile digital video recording (MDVR) and cameras.

  • Prevent accidents with added rear cameras and obstacle avoidance products with customized detection zones that give drivers a clear view around the vehicle as well as an audible alert. 

  • Track and monitor vehicle location while on the road.

  • Video Training: Provide real-world examples of best practices and miscues to train officers.


According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP):

  • 93% of the time a complaint is filed regarding police misconduct and there is video evidence, the officer is exonerated.

  • Officers with in-cab video surveillance / recording systems saw an 18% increase in job satisfaction.

After using an in-cab video surveillance / recording system, officers feel 35% safer, with over 80% reporting they prefer vehicles with these systems installed.

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Recommended Industry Solutions

  1. . Collision Warning System such as blind spot monitoring and backup sensors/alarms.

  2.  Exterior blind spot video such as backup camera and left/right side lane watch cameras.

  3.  MDVR and in vehicle recording with various option in storage size and video retrieval capabilities. The MDVR solutions can be paired with a large variety of exterior and interior cameras to be used for several purposes. Many companies use this ability to provide video to law enforcement and their insurance company in the case of an accident in the attempt to prove fault or no fault by parties involved.

  4.  GPS Fleet tracking and telematics/analytics solutions can provide feedback to fleet managers on how their vehicles are operating. A few features that most GPS solutions have are speed alert, geofencing, OBD diagnostic feedback, driver coaching, and much more.

  5.  Computer and laptop docking solutions such as those made by Havis, Gamber Johnson, and Jotto Desk. 

  6.  Cargo Security/ Transport Cameras that are capable of recording video of the cargo being carried in a trailer, or passengers being transported in buses, trains, taxis, or any other pedestrian transportation purpose.

  7.  Dash Cameras could capture video data that can be used as evidence in the event of an accident. These cameras are also used by law enforcement for recording video during traffic stops.

  8.  Mobile Internet Services provide the needed internet to a vehicle for businesses and first responders to conduct their day-to-day activities with no interruption. These products are offered by manufacturers such as Airgain, Cradlepoint, and Sierra Wireless just to name a few.

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