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Construction Industry

The construction industry is tasked with building the infrastructure we all utilize in our everyday life. Unfortunately, it also has the highest fatality and injury rating in the nation.


Automotive Fleet Services LLC installs blind spot safety systems and asset tracking tools that are rugged enough to withstand harsh work site conditions to help construction companies improve their bottom line and get their employees home safe.


  • Improve driver situational awareness

  • Provide drivers clear view of dangerous blind zones to reduce accidents

  • Audible alerts easily integrated to provide clear warnings when objects appear

  • Customize object detection alert zones by machine type

  • Always know where your motorized and non-motorized equipment is located 


According to the latest OSHA statistics (

  • There were 1,061 worker fatalities in construction in 2019

  • 60% of construction workplace injuries occur within the employee’s first year of employment

  • Two of the four “Fatal Four” accidents responsible for more than half of construction worker deaths include moving machinery struck by and caught-in/between accidents. 

2. Dump Truck  (Construction).jpg

Recommended Industry Solutions

  1. 1. Collision Warning System such as blind spot monitoring and backup sensors/alarms.

  2.  Exterior blind spot video such as backup camera and left/right side lane watch cameras.

  3.  MDVR and in vehicle recording with various option in storage size and video retrieval capabilities. The MDVR solutions can be paired with a large variety of exterior and interior cameras to be used for several purposes. Many companies use this ability to provide video to law enforcement and their insurance company in the case of an accident in the attempt to prove fault or no fault by parties involved.

  4.  GPS Fleet tracking and telematics/analytics solutions can provide feedback to fleet managers on how their vehicles are operating. A few features that most GPS solutions have are speed alert, geofencing, OBD diagnostic feedback, driver coaching, and much more.

  5.  Computer and laptop docking solutions such as those made by Havis, Gamber Johnson, and Jotto Desk.  

  6.  Cargo Security/ Transport Cameras that are capable of recording video of the cargo being carried in a trailer, or passengers being transported in buses, trains, taxis, or any other pedestrian transportation purpose.

  7.  Mobile Internet Services provide the needed internet to a vehicle for businesses and first responders to conduct their day-to-day activities with no interruption. These products are offered by manufacturers such as Airgain, Cradlepoint, and Sierra Wireless just to name a few.

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